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About Us

Grestiles is born with one simple idea:

"To Import and sell tiles online using the simplest most direct channels, so we can offer our customers an incredible price and an exceptional level of customer service”

How can we achieve these and why are our prices so competitive?

We keep being asked the same question over and over: why are your tiles priced so low in comparison to other retailers, and what’s the catch?

The simple answer is there is no catch, it's just that some of our competitors are simply over priced and uncompetitive!

We do offer the true meaning of "Factory Direct Prices". Our tiles literally go from the Factories overseas, to our Warehouse, to your Home.

Grestiles is an online only company so by eliminating the costs of the traditional brick and mortar stores, utilities and sales employees, we can keep our costs low and transfer those savings to our customers. On the contrary most of our competitors that sell tile online do it as an extension of their traditional business, so they are not really cutting any costs.

Most of Online tile retailers brag about having hundreds or even thousands of items, that is because they buy from different local tile importers. We on the other hand are Direct Importers and focus on very few select items, which allows us to focus on the purchasing process; fewer items permits us to purchase very large quantities which in turn gives us the opportunity to negotiate very good prices and thus keeping costs low and ensuring availability of stock when it is needed.

By focusing on very few items we are also able to keep a very close eye on quality, every production run is physically verified by our QC office.

We manage all of our business costs with close scrutiny so that we can keep all of our overheads as low as possible and not pass any additional costs on to our customers. This in turn allows us to be competitive with our prices.

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